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Inner You is dedicated to improving peoples quality of lives. We strive to make our clients more fulfilled and give them a more positive outlook. 

We understand how easy it is for the pressure of everyday issues to take its toll on life. We think its very important that people realise they are not on their own and that is does not need to be a long process in order to achieve a well balanced happier way of life. 

Based in Norwich our Therapists Victoria Hibbett & Scott Rawlins are qualified in different therapies and use a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP & life coaching to cover all means of issues and life problems that you may have. 
So whether you're just looking at stopping smoking or maybe you want to overcome the fear of flying, or if you are suffering from stress or depression we can help! We are ultra friendly and all appointments & enquiries are strictly confidential. 
How Hypnotherapy Can Help You
Anxiety image
  •  Anxiety / panic attacks
  • Nervousness
  • Fears & apprehension  
  • Constant worrying
Stress image
  •   PTS - Post traumatic stress disorder
  •   Emotional pressure
  •  Insomnia 
  •  Lower immune system
Depression image
  •  Overcome sadness
  •  Lack of energy
  •  Difficulty concentrating
  •  Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
Anger Image
  • Irritability
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Difficulties managing life
  • Rage 
Confidence image
  •  Social withdrawal
  •  Frustration in ones abilities to succeed
  •  Low self esteem
  •  Reluctance to take on challenges
Loss & Bereavement
  •  Insomnia
  •  Grief
  •  Sadness & Yearning
  •  Acceptance of loss
Relationship Therapy
  •  Communication problems
  •  Trust issues
  •  Jealousy issues
  •  Confidence engaging with the opposite sex
  •  Remove fears of labour
  •  Reduce Labour time
  •  Manage discomfort
  •  Discovering your birthing partners role
Stop Smoking Image
  •  Improve your health
  •  Better fitness
  •  Decrease the risk of diseases
  •  Save money
  •  Fed up with dieting?
  •  Managing food choices
  •  Binge eating 
  •  Fed up with being hungry & not seeing the difference?
Phobia image
  •  Fear of spiders & all other insects
  • Fear of flying:
  •  Fear of small spaces
  •  Fear of clowns 
Stop Smoking Image
  •  Business planning
  •  Goal setting  & ambitions
  •  Time management
  •  Worried about speeches or presentations
These are just a few of the many common issues that we resolve. 
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